Yosemite 2017



When: June 23 – June 25 ( Tour is full)

About our Tours

West Coast – Our strength is exploring California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Unique – The starting points may be familiar, but we explore unique routes to get to the finish.

Low cost – We believe that bike touring should be accessible to anyone willing to ride their bike.  We keep the cost to a minimum by sharing housing, transportation and food cost.


  • Day 1 – The starting point is Yosemite Valley.  It will be a scenic climb out of the valley followed by a long day of descending to the city of Merced
  • Day 2 – Patterson pass helps us cross the central valley to get to Livermore.
  • Day 3 – Calaveras is a local gem that is rarely explored.


Route Details

Yosemite – Day 1

Yosemite – Day 2

Yosemite – Day 3

Transportation & SAG

  • Thursday June 22 1:00pm – Get on the tour van to go to Yosemite
  • Our tour van will also be our SAG vehicle for Friday and Saturday.


Expect the usual AirBnB shared housing for each of our stops.  More details when we know who is going.


  • Breakfast is easy.  We take advantage of where we are staying.
  • Lunch is a group decision during the ride
  • Dinner – usually two options.  Stay at the house and cook for each other.  Go out and eat.