Mendocino 2018


When: June 2018

About our Tours

West Coast – Our strength is exploring California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Unique – The starting points may be familiar, but we explore unique routes to get to the finish.

Low cost – We believe that bike touring should be accessible to anyone willing to ride their bike.  We keep the cost to a minimum by sharing housing, transportation and food cost.


    • Day 1 – Ukiah to Mendocino

    • Day 2 – Mendocino to Point Arena

    • Day 3 – Back to Ukiah


Route Details

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Transportation & SAG


Expect the usual AirBnB shared housing for each of our stops.  More details when we know who is going.


  • Breakfast is easy.  We take advantage of where we are staying.
  • Lunch is a group decision during the ride
  • Dinner – usually two options.  Stay at the house and cook for each other.  Go out and eat.